Protect your car with Scratch and Dent Insurance


Protect against the inevitable

With Scratch & Dent Insurance claim up to 3 times a year and save £100s a year on your exclusive range of discounts from only £15 per month

  • 3 minor body repairs per year
  • Complete peace of mind against cosmetic damage
  • Convenient repairs carried out at a time
    and place your choosing
  • Free access to our loyalty club featuring exclusive retail partners
  • Excess waiver option available
  • No hidden fees

Drive and park with peace of mind, our policy protects you against minor scratches, dents, scuffs and paint chips

What is Scratch and Dent Insurance?

If you’re looking to protect your vehicle against minor scratches, dents, scuffs and paint chips, then Scratch & Dent insurance is for you.

Insure your car for just £15 a month and claim up to 3 repairs each year!

Drive and park with confidence knowing you’re protected.

What does Scratch & Dent insurance Cover?

Paint Chips

Less than 300mm in length and/or diameter, 3mm in depth and within a maximum of one body panel


Dents not exceeding 300mm in length and/or diameter and within a maximum of one body panel


Less than 300mm in length and/or diameter, 3mm in depth, and within a maximum of one body panel

Paint Scuffs

Less than 300mm in length and/or diameter, 3mm in depth and within a maximum of one body panel

Is there anything not included?

Custom Paint Finishes

The policy is unsuitable non-standard or custom paint, including but not limited to self-healing, pearlescent, chrome illusion, two tone, or matte finishesl

Non-paint Finishes

We are also unable to cover surface repairs to vehicles with stripes, decals, stickers and vinyl wraps.


Our specialists are unable to carry out repairs to the roof of the Vehicle within the Scratch & Dent insurance policy.


Dents, scratches, scuff or chips than span more than one body panel or if they exceed the maximum sizees above.

How do I save £100s on my motoring every year?
With your policy you will also gain free access to our exclusive loyalty platform, where you will find a wide variety of discounts from your favourite retailers such as Halford, Purple Parking, Vision Express, and much more.

This is our way of saying thank you for trusting us with protecting your vehicle.

Award Winning Claims Process
”At ChipsAway we have chosen Motor Protect, Scratch & Dent insurance to protect our customers’ cars, with claims backed by our nationwide network of technicians who can carry out repairs swiftly at home or work for maxium convenience.”
Tim Harris MD, ChipsAway
When things don’t go to plan you need that cosmetic repair for your pride and joy dealt with rapidly, conveniently and to the highest standard

Our Scratch & Dent insurance is backed by an Award Winning Claims Process alongside ChipsAway technicians using the latest colour match technology to provide repairs at a location and time of your choosing.

Additional Cover
Our range of motor insurance products perfectly complements the traditional policies, covering those niches left untouched by the traditional providers and protecting GAP, excesses and cosmetic damage plus breakdown and multiple vehicle policies.


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